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An electronic cigarette starter kit is the perfect way to get your feet wet with a cleaner, tar-free alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. E cigs are substantially cheaper than their traditional tobacco counterparts and won’t bother your friends or family with unpleasant and dangerous second-hand smoke. Getting into electronic smoking devices can be a little confusing, but remedying the situation can best be done by first researching the most popular options and investing in an electronic cigarette starter kit. Access to a kit that contains everything needed to jump into this exciting and diverse hobby isn’t just beneficial for new users, but can be a great way for experienced customers to acquire a complete set of the accessories required to operate the most popular new devices.

510-T Series

The 510-T series is among the most commonly found electronic smoking devices on the market today. There are countless versions of this e cig available, but not all of them are created equally. Buying this unit from the most reputable purveyor of electronic smoking devices is vital. Poorly made models from countries with questionable fabrication standards can’t compare to those made by dependable manufacturers. The 510-T series, when acquired through the best in the business, is a perfect cost effective way to explore the world of vaping. The best e cig shop has fantastic starter kits featuring 510-T models starting at less than 30 dollars. In the kit you’ll find one battery, a USB charger, one atomizer, a carrying case and ten cartridges. Because of the popularity of this model, there are dozens of great accessories -available to truly make this e cig device your own.

EGO Series

This is one of the most popular brands on the market today. They provide customers with a little more power and provide a more rugged and leak-proof build that makes them an excellent choice for any vaping aficionado. The finest in the business offer a variety of EGO devices with different sized batteries and accessories, which greatly helps customers in their quest for the perfect kit. A basic kit will include a clearomizer, battery, USB charger, 20ml of e liquid and a convenient carrying case. More in depth choices for users who smoke more than a pack a day, a deluxe kit would be ideal with two clearomizers, two batteries, a USB charger, a carrying case and a 20ml bottle of an e liquid of your choosing. With the growing popularity of this model comes a growing number of accessories allowing you to modify the unit to your own unique tastes and preferences.
E cigs are an innovative and new alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes that is taking the world by storm. As with any new hobby, there is certainly a learning curb to contend with. The easiest way to get into vaping is through the acquisition of an electronic cigarette starter kit from the most dependable and reliable retailer possible. The best business has locations in both Toronto and Niagara Falls, but living outside of those areas isn’t detrimental to your options. They also have a world class website featuring some of the best starter kits, accessories and e liquids from the best manufacturers in the world. Best of all, Canadians can enjoy free shipping nationwide with every online order!
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